Every pro has heard it or seen it. One of your club/league members is out on the court and in the middle of play has sudden pain in the calf. The player can hardly walk and you wonder what to do. The best thing is to follow the RICE protocol and then get them treated. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. So keep some ACE wraps in the clubhouse and a set of adjustable aluminum crutches in the back closet just for such a situation. Gently wrap the players calf with the ACE wrap, apply some ice in a plastic bag to the painful area and have the player use the crutches so no weight is put on the leg. Then call up your local sports doc’ and help get your player a quick visit. We can get tennis players in for a clinic visit within two business days if not the same day. The sooner they get treated the sooner back on your court participating in leagues and taking lessons. Expect a 1-8 week recovery till back at 100% dependent on how severe the tear is.

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