Do you love to spend hours on the court, but hate going to the gym?  Well you are not alone.  Many of the players we see in the clinic and on the court rarely make it to the gym.  However cross training is essential for injury prevention and maximizing your performance on the court.  We want you to be on the court playing for a lifetime, injury free.  In order to achieve that goal, you need to commit to regular stretching and balance work and plenty of strength training as well.  The time and energy you put in off the court will translate to greater speed getting to those drop shots and adding some heat to your first serves.  We recommend balance and flexibility work 3-4 times per week and some form of muscle building resistance training at least 2-3 times per week.  More about this in future posts.  Workouts can look like home programs we offer in our store or the usual gym based exercises, group classes and the like.  Regardless of what you choose, remember that Cross Training is important and will only help your on court experience.

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